What Fartled is Not

Fartled is NOT fart powered LEDs. Although fart powered LEDs might be interesting. The only place you might see those are in a movie like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in which the Thunderdome was powered by methane provided by pig feces.


I’m glad we could clear that up.

Speaking of Mel Gibson, he appears to have been fartled in this photo:


Poor Mel.

Fartled is not a Word

Welcome to Fartled!

Fartled? Yes. Fartled! My wife, Carol, let a gigantic fart that startled the cat last Saturday. I said she had “fartled” the cat. This was amusing to us.

“But fartled isn’t a word”, you say. Isn’t it?

A quick google search proved again that no idea, of course, is original. The search showed us that concept of being fartled has been around for a while.

Too bad.

However, we did discover that fartled.com was not yet a registered domain.

It is now.

First up, here’s a photo I took:


More to come.